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Phoebe’s Alibi

on April 15, 2012

According to transcripts on CNN.com, Phoebe told a reporter that “police have known exactly where she was [the night before the 911 call and possibly the morning of as well] since the start of the investigation.” If that is the case, then why did she think that she could get away with lying to a reporter which would air a video seen across the country?

Why was Phoebe gone during such a crucial time period?

One answer that comes to my head almost instantly is plausible deniability. Phoebe can answer some of the tough questions honestly because she truly will have no idea exactly what happened. In this sense, she can be untruthful without it sending off flares.

The question that all this begs answered is whether it was her original intention to disclose her alibi to police, or if they found out about it and she had no choice but to tell them. From the sounds of her interview, it certainly seems as though she really didn’t want people finding out about her alibi so that she could continue to defend family members with statements like: “I heard nothing. There was no party. It was a normal evening.”

If Phoebe was trying to protect the people present in the house by fibbing to reporters during her first interview, then someone was trying to protect Phoebe (or protect themselves indirectly) by making sure she wasn’t at the house that night. This would apply whether or not Phoebe was “in” on it or not.

Phoebe’s Alibi Theory 1

Something happens to Ayla prior to the 16th. I’m not going to speculate as to what. They know that it’s only a matter of time before people will notice that she is gone, and they choose December 17th as the date that they will make their 911 call. Phoebe has been aware of everything that’s gone on, but the decision is made that someone will have to be outside the house that night so that in the event of questions, that person can vouch for the story that is being presented to police. This ended up being Phoebe’s job, because after all, she is the main bread-winner, she is the home owner, and stands to lose more than anyone else. She has to be gone because if she’s in jail, who’s going to support the rest of the family and provide them with shelter?

But it all falls apart the morning of the 17th, because either Phoebe slips up during questioning, or she has a change of heart. Suddenly, her alibi is out.

Phoebe’s Alibi Theory 2

Something happens to Ayla prior to the 16th. I’m not going to speculate as to what. (At least not in this post). Up until that day, whatever has happened to Ayla has been able to be covered up and Phoebe is none the wiser. Her decision to leave might have been prompted by someone in the house, because they know that they’ll need her gone in order to get things cleaned up and in order. They’re also hoping that her absence will bolster their statements. Phoebe is just as surprised as Trista might have been when she gets a phone call that morning. So she rushes back to the house and to her cubs. Mama bear instinct kick in and now she’s on board with the plan, but not necessarily with full disclosure. She protects because that is her instinct. Well that and because she’s worried about being dragged into it somehow herself.

Phoebe had to have been told what was going on, or at least some version of it prior to Justin calling 911. Once investigators arrived, they wouldn’t have allowed the family to go poking through the house as it had turned into a crime scene. Phoebe says that she noticed “some oddities” and that they told police about them. I’m not sure why SHE noticed the oddities, singular, but THEY (her word was actually WE) told police. It sounds like she’s trying to distance herself whatever it was that she/they told police she/they had found inside the house that set off her internal alarm. She is sharing the blame in a sense. Perhaps whatever was found was actually created to look like an oddity, or perhaps the oddities were a result of  a cleanup that she wasn’t privy to.

What’s your Phoebe’s Alibi Theory? Does her alibi and it’s timing, as well as the lie told to the reporter make more sense if:

  • She really doesn’t know anything
  • She’d known in advance, and helped plan
  • She didn’t know in advance, but was told later
  • Something happened prior to the 16th
  • Something happened the night of the 16th

8 responses to “Phoebe’s Alibi

  1. Tabitha Bragdon says:

    The problem is that theories and innuendo do nothing to provide information as to Aylas whereabouts. I personally believe that whole family is guilty, and that it’s awful that they just go about their normal lives like nothing happened. But until we have Ayla, our theories are just that. Theories. A lot of us don’t want to imagine what could have happened to her in that house. That thought is unbearable. My heart breaks for her everyday. Where is she? When are they going to say something? I think it’s time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    me two,

  3. Debra~ says:

    THEORIES? PLEASE lets let the police detectives do their work. The facts are Pheobe has told the police where she was on December 16th and I believe its okay for a woman with grown children to have a social life too and as for not being truthful during the CNN interview? NOPE SHE DIDNT HEAR ANYTHING BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT THERE AND THAT WAS THE TRUTH. That was her first interview and I could clearly see how distraught and nervous she was.

    • Wanda says:

      Really Debra is it. Its not saying a whole lot about you personally when you say its ok to make false statements. What reason would she have to be distraught if she wasn’t hiding something. No doubt sticking up for or being ordered to lie for her baby boy stressed her to point of pure ignorance. I am a firm believer that if it walks like a duck looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.. Its a damn duck. Pheobe is a liar of the worst kind. She is a grandma damn it. Too bad she can’t act like one and give her grandchild the help she needs and needed. How can she live with herself. Is she as cold as the 3 stooges that occupy her home. As for you Debra Justification for Phoebe doesn’t look good on you, it shows you are of the same calibur or actually one of the three who was there that night. HMMMMMM wondering if this is the case and why you want to rescue Phoebe. Please your almost transparent in your wording and sarcasim.

  4. Gina says:

    I think phoebe knows everything.
    Why would she lie on the CNN interview if she had nothing to hide. She is Ayla’s grandmother, why isn’t she out searching for her granddaughter?
    Why has she been so silent? It’s almost six months, where is Ayla?

  5. pearlsgirl says:

    Phoebe knows exactly what happened to Ayla. She would have had to know of Ayla’s injuries and exactly how they happened. I suspect that Justin has been abusive to her as well as the two women who were in the house. I don’t believe anyone will talk until the threat is removed. I can’t even allow myself to imagine the horrors little Ayla endured at the hands of Justin. I also can’t imagine why he would want her other than for some scheme to remove his responsibility for child support and perhaps make a little money from insurance in the process.

    All three of the women who either live there or were there will also go down with the ship unless they cut a deal and tell what they know. Of course, I don’t believe that Ayla suffered her fate while they were in the house. I think the abuse happened when Justin was alone with Ayla. I would not be surprised if she was not thrown into a dumpster as a quick solution to his problems. It is more than frustrating that nothing has happened to anyone.

  6. Charlie says:

    Ever think maybe Phoebe wasn’t home because she was off dumping a body and needed an alibi when the other three all testified that Ayla was definitely seen being put to bed on the 16th? Maybe Ayla wasn’t in the house at all. No proof on when the blood happened.
    I read about the social worker, Karen Small, and how she kept telling Phoebe that she should be talking to Justin but Phoebe continued taking over and stating her employer as Maine Revenue Service as though that should place her above the law.

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