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In Collusion

on April 22, 2012

What unifies a small group of people?

Common interests. Common goals. Common knowledge.

  • You don’t have a successful book club if everyone who is part of it hates books and as a result, doesn’t read.
  • You can’t run a business if no one shows up to work.
  • You can’t maintain a pact of silence if everyone involved isn’t locked into the agreement for whatever reason.

The most likely scenario, the one that explains the group silence of the three people in Phoebe’s home that night, is that they are in collusion in some form.

To what extent, we probably won’t know until charges started being filed. Because until that happens, their best bet is to keep quiet.

There are several possibilities. Some that make more sense than others.

What would drive three (maybe up to five) separate individuals to band together, regardless of any consequence?

The first answer is that when up to five individuals unite like this, it has to be out of innocence. Because it seems like any other possibility defies logic. I mean, who would put their future on the chopping block if they had no involvement. Isn’t there too much to lose? Phoebe’s house and job. Elisha’s young child. Courtney’s young child. Their collective futures? Not to mention reputations. It’s mind boggling.

I’m trying to put myself in their shoes. Really, I am. If I found out that my sibling had done something horrible and I wasn’t a part of it, yes, my initial reaction might be to cover up for them. But I’m not sure that I could trade my future for theirs, knowing that the likely conclusion would be both of us in jail -and me for just having knowledge of their crime.

What could my sibling have done that I would potentially give up the rest of my life for them, knowing of their guilt? Probably nothing. I love them dearly, but self-preservation is a stronger instinct in me, I guess.

Now, involve me in their crime somehow and suddenly my perspective changes. I am no longer just guilty by association, but by deed. I am now in collusion with them because if I give them up, I’m going down too. Maybe not for something quite as drastic, but enough to frighten me into silence.

But when you think about three people, possibly five, you have to wonder what part they all played to ensure their mutual silence. Especially when you have a mix of family and non-family. What is stopping Courtney from filling in the gaps that MSP say their stories are full of? Either it’s her steadfast belief in their innocence, or the extent of her involvement.

I would assume in this sort of case, that police would cut major deals with people who weren’t directly involved if it meant solving the crime or finding the child.

And when you start pondering the accidental vs. on purpose scenarios, it doesn’t seem normal that anyone would have gone to this extent to cover up an accident.

But then again, this is the United States, where you are punished more severely for accidents than deliberates. All we have to do is read Maine court news to see that. Are we the only state where murderers can be acquitted and people who catch a few salmon without  license end up in prison for years? A month doesn’t go by that I don’t read sentencing on various crimes and scratch my head when at times the crime committed vs sentence imposed doesn’t make sense. So yes, in this case I can see how it might be tempting to cover up an accident.  Is this what happened here?

So what is behind the collusion?

Collective innocence?

Or, collective guilt?





2 responses to “In Collusion

  1. Anon says:

    Drugs, knowledge of the drugs and/or illegal activities, they are scared silent. As long as they think they have gotten away with it (whatever it may be), they will stay silent…If they really thought Ayla was in danger or abducted then they might have talked; however they know where Ayla is and if she is hurting/dead/alive…

    They cannot remain silent forever someone will slip. Once the heat dies down they will continue to drink and do drugs and one of them will slip…

    God Bless you Ayla!!! I pray that you have peace where ever you are!

  2. Julie says:

    My thoughts are that the only wat they would all stay silent is if they were protecting the mother, Phoebe. Wouldn’t we all protect our mothers? How she can live with the guilt is beyond me. Come on Phoebe…open up and tell the truth. Its the only way that you’ll feel better.

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